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About Workstation

MODALISBOA INSIGHT presents WORKSTATION, a platform created to promote and reveal new talents in photography, illustration and fashion design. We give total freedom to a group of young artists, promoting their individual expression and producing content inspired by the theme of each edition.

MODALISBOA INSIGHT will be inspired by this desire to see and perceive, this willingness to observe and interpret, this urgency to question and renew. Because fashion needs attentive eyes and freedom that allows them to bring us a completely unexpected reality.

In this edition, WORKSTATION features four designers, three photographers and three illustrators.

The designers António Castro, Cristina Real, David Pereira and Filipe Augusto present four collections that reflect how we look at reality, our role in the world and a conscious and responsible participation in our society.

Photographers Mariana Breia, Maria Martins and Rodrigo Alves – are restless young artists, with an attentive look at the challenges posed by fashion, nature and the arts, they may give us the answers to questions we have never imagined.

Illustrators Carolina Batalha, Catarina Serra and Ana Catarina Guedes represent a new generation of talents in the field of illustration, collage, portraiture and imagination, drawing a visual image of the fashion sometimes literal, sometimes abstract but always stimulating and personal.