ModaLisboa x Seaside Award

- Monetary prize of 5.000 euros for the development of the next collections of the five finalists;
- Mentorship by the ModaLisboa Association.

IED 2022

ModaLisboa x IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Milano Award
- Master in Fashion Design at IED Milan, worth 20.100 euros;
- Scholarship of 4000 euros;
- Presentation of the master's collection on the ModaLisboa Workstation platform;
- Mentorship by the ModaLisboa Association.

Tintex 2022

ModaLisboa Award in partnership with TINTEX TEXTILES
- 3 weeks residency at Tintex and development of a capsule collection;
- Scholarship of 1500 euros;
- Presentation of the collection on the ModaLisboa's Workstation platform;
- Mentorship by the ModaLisboa Association.


ModaLisboa Award in partnership with Showpress
- Press office and showroom at Showpress.

Sangue Novo Newsletter
Receive all the information about the Sangue Novo - Young Designers Competition.

ModaLisboa Oasis

About Sangue Novo

Ten young designers who design what Fashion is today. SANGUE NOVO reaffirms its dedication to contemporaneity and, this time, returns with the support of SEASIDE. The international brand of Portuguese origin has managed, over its more than 30 years of history, to become an icon of the collective memory, and now takes on the mission of encouraging and leveraging a new generation of creatives. A news that means that there is now another Award for young Fashion Designers, to be delivered already in October.

The young Designers contest, designed to stimulate and empower creativity and production in Fashion, is the superior project in defense of transdisciplinary and experimentation of new paths, not only in Design but in business models. And these new projects, which are profoundly diverse, present themselves with a density of thought and aesthetic and conceptual references, making it obvious that a turning point has arrived. From themes that focus on identity and emotion, burnout and the imposter syndrome, an oppressive past for the queer community during the Estado Novo [the fascist dictatorship in Portugal from 1933 to 1974]  and a need to revalue society under the threat of an apocalyptic future, the ten collections arrive absolutely committed to sustainability, through upcycling techniques, an indelible focus on circular economy, and a careful choice of materials provided by the textile partnerships of Associação ModaLisboa — Calvelex/Fabrics4Fashion, Riopele and Tintex Textiles.

On October 7th, at 6pm at Lisboa Social Mitra, and after several mentoring sessions with the panel of judges, the young creators will present their collections to the public. On that same day, the jury will announce the five finalists who will receive the ModaLisboa x Seaside Award and who will compete, in March 2023, for the IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Milano, Tintex Textiles and Showpress Awards. Each of the five finalists of SANGUE NOVO supported by SEASIDE contest will have their collections available at the Showpress showroom.

Miguel Flor (President)
Elisa Nalin (Fashion Editor, Stylist)
Joana Duarte (Fashion Designer, Béhen)
Joana Jorge (Project Manager, ModaLisboa)
Olivia Spinelli (Coordinator and Creative Director IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Milano)
Pedro Silva (Head of Industrialization, Tintex Textiles)
Sara Sozzani Maino (Creative Talent Curator)

Sangue Novo is the young designers competition of Lisboa Fashion Week. It works closely with all Fashion schools in the country to find and promote the work of young creatives, and is carried out in two phases: after the selection of candidates — in July — 10 young designers present their collections in October. Here, five finalists are selected, who will then compete for the final prizes in March of the following year. Throughout the process, the creatives receive follow-up and mentoring from the panel of judges, in order to better prepare them for the integration into the national Fashion industry.

Seaside is one of the largest footwear groups in Portugal. With more than 30 years of experience in the production of footwear and fashion accessories, the group led by Acácio Teixeira produces more than 2 million shoes a year and has 150 stores in Portugal and abroad.