Sangue Novo is Lisboa Fashion Week’s experimentation and identity expression platform. By developing a close work with all the fashion teaching institutes in the country to boost the work of young designers, it translates as the voice of the new generation, serving as a stage for currents of thought free from commitment. It is a pure vision of conceptual fashion, highlighting new directions in design for sustainability, technology and innovation, promoting a critical discourse and creative practice for the construction of a transparent system. 

Filipe Cerejo, Ivan Hunga Garcia, Maria Clara, Maria Curado and Veehana are the finalist Designers of the first step of the competition, who will compete for the Polimoda, Tintex Textiles, Showpress and MOCHE awards in March 2022.


Polimoda 2019

ModaLisboa Award in partnership with POLIMODA
Polimoda Master in Fashion Design, or Polimoda Master in Collection Design + 3500 euros.
Presentation of the master's collection on the ModaLisboa Workstation platform.

Tintex 2019

ModaLisboa Award in partnership with TINTEX TEXTILES
3 weeks residency at Tintex and development of a capsule collection for presentation at international trade fairs + 2000 euros.
Presentation of the collection on the ModaLisboa's Workstation platform.


ModaLisboa Award in partnership with SHOWPRESS
Press office and showroom at Showpress


ModaLisboa Award in partnership with MOCHE
[Audience Award | vote on ModaLisboa app]

1500 euros 

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