Until July 17, 2022, Associação ModaLisboa will receive applications for the Young Fashion Designers Competition.

Aimed at finalists of higher and professional courses in Fashion Design, as well as recently graduated Young Fashion Designers, Sangue Novo asserts itself as a radar for new ways of thinking Fashion. More than technique, it looks for a deep sense of identity, a unique vision, an individual interpretation of Design and society. The Sangue Novo is, and will always be, from those who believe in their ideas, beyond and above all.

The selection of these new voices of Design will be made by a renewed panel of judges. Miguel Flor (President) is joined by Joana Jorge (Project Manager, ModaLisboa), Joana Duarte (Fashion Designer, Béhen) and Elisa Nalin (Fashion Editor, Stylist). The jury will choose 10 competitors to, after several mentoring sessions, will present their collections in the October 2022 edition of Lisbon Fashion Week. On the day of the show, will be chosen five finalists: each young Designer receives a monetary prize of 1000 euros for the development of the next collection, and all them will have their collections in the Showpress showroom. For the selection of these designers who will compete for the awards in March 2023, the panel of judges is reinforced by representatives of Tintex Textiles and the IED | European Institute of Design — and this is the other great news: ModaLisboa established a partnership with iconic international fashion school, for a Sangue Novo award detailed below.

To reinforce its commitment to the promotion of new talents through solid bridges with the innovative national industry, ModaLisboa continues its textile partnerships to provide materials in the two phases of the competition: Calvelex/Fabrics4Fashion, Riopele and Tintex Textiles renew their desire to support the freshness of Portuguese Design and their commitment to preserving creativity for future generations.


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JULY ‘22
Selection of the 10 projects for the first phase of the competition.
Presentation of the 10 designers’ collections at ModaLisboa's Sangue Novo show and selection of 5 finalists for the second phase of the competition.
Presentation of the new collections of the 5 finalist designers at ModaLisboa's Sangue Novo show and election of the winners.


IED 2022

ModaLisboa Award in partnership with IED | Istituto Europeo di Design
- Master in Fashion Design at IED Milan, worth 20.100 euros
- Scholarship of 4000 euros
- Presentation of the master's collection on the ModaLisboa Workstation platform

Tintex 2022

ModaLisboa Award in partnership with TINTEX TEXTILES
- 3 weeks residency at Tintex and development of a capsule collection
- Scholarship of 2000 euros
- Presentation of the collection on the ModaLisboa's Workstation platform


ModaLisboa Award in partnership with SHOWPRESS
- Press office and showroom at Showpress

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