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With the purpose of showing the best practices and the environmental and ethical urgencies in the fashion industry, Associação ModaLisboa has been instituting values and principles of sustainable development in all stages and planning parameters of Lisboa Fashion Week. Use of renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials and products; avoid plastic and synthetic and chemical products; investment in smart design; reuse and recovery of furniture and products from previous editions to achieve waste reduction and avoid overproduction are just some of the practices adopted. ModaLisboa also seeks to sensitize partners, suppliers, staff and all stakeholders that make the event happen for the adoption of good practices, in order to continue to evolve sustainably.

To a fairer, safer and more transparent fashion industry, ModaLisboa has been promoting, since 2017, several events such as the Global Fashion Exchange Lisboa, held during the 48th edition of Lisboa Fashion Week, which integrated various activities such as workshops, networking events, art installations and a Swap Market, where the public had the opportunity to exchange garments they no longer use, renewing their wardrobe at no cost, with a sustainable attitude and avoiding garment waste.

Sustainability is also a recurring theme of Fast Talks and various events of ModaLisboa's Check Point project. In each edition, we invite several fashion professionals and companies - such as BCSD (Business Council for Sustainable Development), Calvelex, Inovafil, Tintex, Scoop and Valerius - to talk about their mission and the activities and innovations they have been implementing to respond to environmental and ethical urgencies in our industry. The public thus has the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and to contact various key players who are changing the course of Fashion for the better.


Global Fashion Exchange Lisboa 

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Circular Fashion Masterclass by Flávia Aranha

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ModaLisboa's commitment to building an ethical, fair and human fashion industry is not limited to the platforms presented twice a year, but covers all of its planning, all of its decisions, and all of its partnerships. In order to set that same commitment and broaden its area of action, ModaLisboa established a partnership with the IDEE Brand Platform and its Sustainable Brand Platform.

The Sustainable Brand Platform (SBP) is a digital platform that allows emerging and independent brands to evaluate their sustainability performance through blockchain technology. SBP determines the commitment and results of each brand in terms of sustainability and social responsibility, examining all phases of the value chain using its own algorithm, but not only. This project also guarantees the next phase: communicating these independent designers to consumers and buyers, as well as creating a networking between creatives and suppliers of ethical raw materials.

"This is a strategic partnership for ModaLisboa, because it not only reinforces our ability to face the challenges ahead, but gives our designers, who have been working for several years under the best sustainable practices, an official seal of approval" - says Eduarda Abbondanza, Founder and President of ModaLisboa - "In such a complex industry, it is important to separate those who are completely reframing their line of work, their values and their commitment to their community and our planet, from the pure and simple greenwashing, and SBP has that know-how. We are very excited about this partnership that will expand the international exposure of our designers and show the fashion industry that independent designers in Portugal are working every day to have a positive impact."

"We are very proud to join forces with ModaLisboa to support emerging designers to strengthen the sustainability of their collections" - says Alex Albini, CEO of IDEE Brand Platform - "The partnership with ModaLisboa is a fantastic opportunity to select and promote brands with intrinsics design characteristics, guided by ethical and sustainable principles. It is also an important collaboration to create a connection between Milan and Lisbon, expanding the knowledge of Portuguese designers through our community of buyers and professionals."

AwaytomarsBéhenConstança EntrudoDuarte and Kolovrat are the designers of ModaLisboa who inaugurated this partnership. When the Fashion system continues to suffer with the pandemic, and in which digital is reformulated as the main stage for all brands, ModaLisboa considers it essential to reinforce its partners network. For the designers and all the professionals that make up the Fashion, cultural and creative panorama, it is necessary to strengthen the community and open it to the world. Even at a distance.


In January 2020, Associação ModaLisboa and more than 200 entities took on the Commitment Lisbon Green European Capital 2020  - Climate Action Lisbon 2030. Within the scope of this agreement, Associação ModaLisboa commits to contribute to the environmental goals agenda of the city of Lisbon for the next decade, implementing the following measures / actions:

- Install LED lighting in all buildings where Lisboa Fashion Week takes place.

- Provide collaborators with a free monthly public transport pass.

- 50% increase in the sending waste for recycling.

- Eliminate the use of single-use plastics.

- Disseminate materials from Green Capital to all employees and associates.

- Hold events or conferences during the Green Capital year and beyond.

- Communicate the city's goals through ModaLisboa's communication channels.

- Create several dynamics in the sustainability area for the general public, including conferences and a sustainable lounge.

- Create and disseminate a manual of good practices for implementing more sustainable solutions with partners and sponsors.