1. October 2020


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Mais


In addition to the five Fashion designers who make experimentation the only métier possible (António Castro, Archie Dickens, Filipe Augusto, Saskia Lenaerts and Opiar), WORKSTATION returns with two totally different, totally brave and totally free photographers. Tomás Monteiro and Ana Paganini are the names that will capture MODALISBOA MAIS without rules, impositions or dogmas. In this season, there will be no physical exhibition, but rather a virtual display on MODALISBOA MAIS digital platforms.


Ana Paganini (Lisbon, 1995) develops a documentary work that starts from issues such as memory, identity and belonging, where she looks for deep blacks and a dim light that illuminates only what is necessary. Her photographs offer the observer an intimate connection with the photographer. In 2014, she moved to London, where she studied Direction of Photography and Cinema at the London College of Communication. In London she developed backstage work in the West End theaters and did scene photography for motion pictures. Since moving to Lisbon in 2018, she has showed at Casa Independente and Mostra, among others, and continues to work as a freelancer.


Tomás Monteiro (1994) started his photography studies in 2011, but it was at the end of the course, on an internship in Rome, that he began to understand the power of the image. The passage through the National Conservatory of Music, along with studies in photography, made him understand his fascination for documenting other worlds and portraying different people. In 2014/15 he decided to take the path of photography exclusively, having kept his take on the behind the scenes of ModaLisboa as an unavoidable starting point. Since that moment, he has become an integral part of several worlds that until then he had only dreamed of entering. Since then he has collaborated with people from various artistic backgrounds, based on the motivation to portray people and document what not everyone can see.