16. November 2022


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Checkmate is the title of the new solo exhibition by Valentim Quaresma, which will be on view from November 18 to December 10, 2022, at Espaço Exibicionista Gallery, in Lisbon.

“Opera Mate”, the famous checkmate performed by Paul Morphy in 1858, is the starting point of this exhibition, which presents pieces that arise from a creative process of upcycling materials, that result from a vision in which the power of matter is confronted with spirituality.

“In a black and white world, some people think too much before acting while others act without thinking. To win some sacrifices will have to be made. Between light and shadow two forces balance and fight for total domination”.

In “Opera Mate”, Paul Morphy was invited by the Duke of Brunswick (Karl II) and his friend Count Isouard, to play a game of chess during the performance of the opera Norma by Bellini, at the Teatro Salle Le Peletier in Paris. The game played in the Duke's private box turned out to be one of the most emblematic matches in the history of chess. On each move of the game, Morphy develops a piece, creates a threat or captures an enemy piece, culminating in the sacrifice of the Queen to deliver checkmate on the next move.”

“I express my creativity through fashion and jewellery, in these areas I look for ideas in concepts that inspire me through themes that surround me, in Art everything becomes more personal, it is always a trip to my subconscious and a response to what I feel”, explains Valentim Quaresma.