14. April 2021


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Comunidade


How to make a digital Fashion Week? With these partners.

1. Let’s start with the visual. The frame, if we want to call it that. Since we are apart, we wanted to show you the best of Lisbon: our mother-house, Pátio da Galé; the most desired houses in town,  Prata Riverside Village; and Selina Secret Garden, which is already like our second home.

2. The second stage of the process — and because when we talk about digital, we’re also talking about innovation — demanded the search for the best technology for all of our platforms and for all of our Designers. That is why we partnered with Sustainable Brand Platform, which not only already houses some of ModaLisboa’s Designers but will also give a #Workshop to all those who want to grow in the industry; The Style Pulse, which shortens the distance between creators and buyers, and is also a must-see name in the alignment of our #Talks; Betclic and MOCHE, two loyal and strong sponsors, who are not only present in our schedule, but they bring us a side of freshness and perspective to everything we do; Gow Public, so you can buy the looks straight off the runway and, as usual,  4ITFUTURE, the longtime partner that makes our lives easier than we can tell you.

3. Now, we pass the responsibility on to you, because it’s time to start the broadcast. Fill your homes with Castelbel to set the mood. Take your Viarco pencils to write down your oh so kind comments about the shows. Have your Guerlain kit close by, you never know when it will be time for that selfie for social media. Remember that everything you’re about to be shown on screen is of unparalleled quality — they better be, with companies like Calvelex and Tintex Textiles constantly supporting Design. Think about what Fashion means to you, to the country, to the world. Think of all the dimensions that it touches, of all the communities that it brings together — if there is one thing we learned from Polimoda, it is that there is no greater subject.

4. Finally, and because no one is made of steel, you need to surround yourselves with sources of energy. Yes, electricity and battery, of course, but we're really talking about groceries. Some Sunbites snacks, a Jubileu chocolate, a Companhia Portugueza do Chá tea, a Bogani espresso and always remember to keep drinking Água Monchique during the day. For our evening programming, the menu is somewhat different. A little bit of Absolut vodka. A little more of Schweppes' Ginger Beer. And we end up toasting with Murganheira on Sunday. We always end up toasting, even though we are all far away, and dreaming of returning. Whenever possible, Nacex will definitely take us to you.