8. October 2019


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Collective


More paper, better future. A dare Renova in a time of great uncertainty. It is in this time of complexity and growing demand, where every decision matters even more, that Renova presents itself as a lighthouse brand. Not refuge from fears, but anchor of hope.

At ModaLisboa Collective, Renova brings the PaperPack, the range that prefers paper to packaging plastic. Renova wants to unite new desires and propose this alternative path for the whole community. It is not an isolated change, but a first step for the collective, a present concrete sign of changing behaviors for a better, responsible and sustainable global future. Renova Paper Pack is the range that has emerged at the forefront in responding to this changing need. Real imperative, a concrete possibility for all who continue to see in Renova the brand that responds and is always present in the multiple moments of each day.

For each particular individual that forms this diverse community, Renova PaperPack has its own proposal. Different solutions for sensitivity and unique personalities, with the same goal of minimizing the use of less sustainable materials. Knowing the finitude of resources, it is in the collective that we can make all the difference. At ModaLisboa Collective, Renova highlight how: more paper, better future. Are you following Renova?

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