27. February 2020


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Awake


Collaboration is the future of Fashion. Finding partnerships that make Lisboa Fashion Week grow is one of the biggest challenges in building the event, but working with projects and brands that fully align with the values of Associação ModaLisboa is also one of the most rewarding experiences. To tell you their story, we also need to tell you ours.

It’s not a trend, and even less an obligation: it’s our only way of thinking. Making Lisboa Fashion Week an increasingly sustainable event is hard, constant and evolutionary work. We’re still making some mistakes, sure, but we make them less and less with each season. In order to reduce them even more, we brought The Greatest Candle, that are indeed the greatest candles, to lighten up the place and to give the audience a workshop on how to make candles at home, at Wonder Room..We partnered once again with Fermob and its Balad luminaires, which, last season, brightened the entire Jardim das Laranjeiras with magic — all Fermob pieces are made based on the principles of Ecodesign, which minimizes waste and optimizes energy potential. To be able to admire the lamps without a stiff neck, you can sit on the Floema loungers, made from 100% recycled plastic (the same with the ecopoints of the same brand, which will also be in the Resort area). These sun loungers will be placed on a floor that is really worth looking at: the food trucks will be on top of Pneu Green, a platform built using rubber from end-of-life tires. Speaking of looking down, our volunteers will be wearing Sanjo, the iconic brand that since 2019 has returned to producing 100% of its pieces in Portugal and that added sustainability to all steps (pun intended) of the process. When we get tired — and trust us, we will — a Neoprod golf cart will be there to carry us along, and we sure are going to show them how golf can be an extreme sport. The energy to enjoy all this comes from within: Quinta do Arneiro returns to Lisboa Fashion Week with its fresh and organic products (with Sativa Bio-PT-03 Certification) because, honestly, we no longer know how to live without them; and EPAL returns to bring tap water fountains — so that we all bring back our reusable water bottles.

It would be hypocritical to say that beauty doesn’t enter the equation of choices for this event. Sure, it’s not the dealbreaker in partnering with a brand — we also look for quality and awareness. All three of these elements are present in Wonderwall, which is responsible for the most photographed vertical gardens of the latest season of ModaLisboa, and they are back; in the expertise of the Ferreira de Sá tapestries, which will brighten the walls of the Creators Room and Social Area; the coolness (another pun intended, sorry) of Smeg; the nostalgia of Buffalo, that works as a real time machine for the crazy 90s — and will also be in the Social Area; and at Calvelex, our usual partner of all adventures, who dressed our volunteers in the most magnificent uniforms in living memory — better yet, they’re made of organic cotton with recycled polyester. It’s easy to work with brands like these.

ModaLisboa is pleased to open its doors to EASME, the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, a European Union body responsible for implementing the Intelligent Energy for Europe programme. To learn more about the project and its involvement with the Portuguese Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear sectors, just go to the MODALISBOA AWAKE Social Area. In this same area, Samsung opens its doors to the future with The Wall — the launch of a new technology that makes us wake up in a new tomorrow.

Meet all the sponsors and partners of Lisboa Fashion Week, HERE.

FW 20/21
5. 6. 7. 8 MARCH 2020

Official presentation of the Portuguese Designers’ collections.

Lisboa Fashion Week is promoted by the ModaLisboa Association in co-organization with the Municipality of Lisbon. The initiative is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Lisbon Operational Program from Portugal 2020.