12. May 2020


-  ModaLisboa,  Sustainability,  Wonder Room


In late 2014, Paula and Joana created NUUK. Jewelry is one of the industries with one of the most beautiful traditions in Portugal, and to see a brand raised by mother and daughter is to write another chapter in history. This story is told by delicate pieces, without time but with a strong sense of space. All of the pieces are made in Portugal, with love, with the redoubled attention of the hands that build, every day, the heritage of an industry that has seen design grow in recent years.

For three seasons now, Nuuk has been at our Wonder Room, and for three seasons they are the one of the brands that generate more buzz. Just look at the pieces and read the words of Joana Carvalho to understand why.

NUUK has been one of Wonder Room’s brands for the last three seasons of Lisboa Fashion Week. What makes you want to be there?
Visibility and the recognition it brings to the brand, and the sales that come from that.

In your perspective, what is the importance of Wonder Room in the growth and promotion of national brands?
I think it gives brands credibility. Consumers feel more secure when buying something: when we integrate Wonder Room, the public feels that we are brands that comprehend trust, quality and modernity.

And how important was Wonder Room in NUUK's growth?
We acquired several customers and gained their loyalty, which consequently made us grow in a market segment that interests us a lot.

Talking about Fashion is also talking about emotion. What does Wonder Room make you feel, and how is it different from other pop-up stores?
No other pop-up store is housed by a major fashion event, so it is different and innovative for that reason. For all the frenzy of the fashion world, for the creativity that surrounds us, we feel in constant adrenaline. We recommend it!

Do you feel that the Wonder Room audience is different from the audience of other pop-up stores?
Yes! Completely! It’s a turnout with a broader visual culture and that automatically recognizes and appreciates the conceptual side of the brand, which for us, designers, is very rewarding!

One of the pillars of the Wonder Room is the promotion of sustainable projects. How does NUUK view sustainability, and how does it integrate it into the different stages of the process?
All of our production is done consciously and in a sustainable way, and we produce stocks in very small numbers, the stock we have available is only the brand's best sellers. Everything else is made to order. We have no production surplus, we reuse silver from products that have not been sold from past collections and we try to look for all the raw material locally and in small companies. We make sure that in the production (made by hand by jewelers) we waste as little as possible, and even the silver fillings are reused to produce new pieces.

All NUUK pieces are designed and produced in Porto. What is the importance of producing in Portugal?
It is of great importance to us since we want our country's economic progression. We want to give jobs to our country. And, above all, for the extreme quality that we have in terms of jewelry production.

Betting on jewelry is also about preserving creative heritage. What traditional techniques go into the NUUK production process?
All of our production processes are done by hand. Lately, in this phase of the pandemic, even the engravings on the pieces have been done by hand.

How would you describe jewelry in Portugal today?
It’s an emerging and increasingly innovative segment in terms of production.

And what future would you like to have?
I would like it to be a more creative sector.

How can ModaLisboa be part of that future?
Making a careful selection of the brands that participate in Wonder Room.

What do you find most inspiring and exciting in Portuguese fashion today?
I am inspired by our fighting skills and the growing creativity of our designers.

ModaLisboa has always been a think tank for different projects, and wants to connect people from multiple backgrounds. In your opinion, what are the most creative projects and people in Portugal that we should all be following?
The ones we could suggest have all been present in Wonder Room.

This interview with NUUK is part of a series of conversations that discuss the impact of the last four seasons of ModaLisboa | Lisboa Fashion Week. Only by reflecting about our route can we know where we are today. Only by knowing where we are today can we build our tomorrow.