20. February 2020


-  ModaLisboa,  Sustainability,  ModaLisboa Awake


Being in line with the election of Lisbon as European Green Capital 2020 is not just about focusing all Lisboa Fashion Week’s free entrance activities on Sustainability. ModaLisboa has been, for several seasons now, governed by a Guide to Good Practices that it shares with all its partners — this sustainability policy covers not only the choice of all suppliers of the event, but also a set of rules that guide the actions of every member of the team.

But ModaLisboa takes on a greater responsibility and wants to be a platform for partners who, with us, share ethical and moral values and respect the planet we live in.

In a Lounge that marks the entrance to MODALISBOA AWAKE, Catalyst, Fashion Revolution, Planetiers and WWF tell us about the technological innovation of our industry, the people (real, flesh and blood) who make our clothes, how the future can be greener, of how water is our most precious luxury good. These four partners will take us on virtual tours, create community, raise awareness, educate. They will be located in the room that gives access to our reception, and, in addition to them, three Humana containers will be personalized by artists  — Rita Ravasco, Gonçalo Mar and RAF — and spread around the location, in partnership with Terramotto. Anyone who enters Lisboa Fashion Week will be able to deposit clothes, shoes and home textiles that they no longer want — but that so many others may need.

All of these projects work to make the world a better place. What are we going to do to contribute?


How much water do we need to get dressed? At ModaLisboa, Associação Natureza Portugal | World Wide Fund for Nature (ANP | WWF) wants to raise public awareness of the real price of the clothes it buys. A simple T-shirt needs, on average, 2,700 liters of water to be produced. On a normal day, a person wears more than 15,000 liters of water. Every time we throw away a piece of clothing, we’re wasting all the water that was used in making it. ANP | WWF will make this figure visible, placing a piece of clothing inside an aquarium filled with the amount of water it was spent its production. Water is a scarce resource and slow fashion is imperative — let's make our clothes last, and save water on the way.


Fashion Catalyst, an inclusive platform that encourages synergies between leaders in the Fashion Industry and whose mission is to support change towards sustainability and circular economy, will take ModaLisboa on a virtual tour. What are the best and most innovative processes being done today in the Portuguese textile industry? Which factories are at the forefront of technology? Catalyst invites the audience of ModaLisboa to download the Awatar app so that, upon arrival at the ModaLisboa Verde lounge, they can embark on a virtual reality tour by the most respected Portuguese players. In addition to this immersive experience, Catalyst will also have physical samples available so that the message can reach us on all vehicles.


The world’s biggest event on sustainable innovation, Planetiers World Gathering, will be at MODALISBOA AWAKE with a contest that’s impossible to miss. The details are yet to be revealed, but every day ten winners will be selected to receive a ticket for this landmark that arrives in Lisbon in April. Planetiers World Gathering, on Altice Arena between the 23rd and 25th, brings to Portugal authorities like Mohan Munasinghe, one of the Nobel Peace Prize winners in 2007, Mathis Wackernagel, the creator of the Ecological Footprint, or Fleur Pierets, LGBTQ + artist and activist.


Fashion Revolution is a global movement for transparency and hopes to encourage sustainability in the Fashion industry through collective strength. At ModaLisboa, they will encourage consumers to join the #whomademyclothes campaign, questioning the brands they are using at the moment about who made their clothes. Also through collective action, it will be possible to write and send postcards in order to open a bridge of dialogue between industry stakeholders and the general public. Only together can we demand a responsible industry, and only together can we build a better future.


We won't find Humana containers inside the Sustainable Lounge, but even better: this partnership with Terramotto will start in several locations throughout the city. From February 26 to March 5, at Largo Vitorino Damásio (Santos), Cais do Sodré and Campo Pequeno (on the side of the entrance to the Shopping Center), three containers customized by artists — Rita Ravasco, Gonçalo Mar and RAF — will serve for anyone to deposit clothes, shoes and home textiles that you no longer want, but that so many others may need. On March 5, these containers will be moved to Oficinas Gerais de Fardamento e Equipamento do Exército, where they will be there throughout MODALISBOA AWAKE.