6. March 2019


-  ModaLisboa Insight FW 19/20


On March 8th, 9th and 10th, the food trucks of the Cervejaria de Rua, Revolution and Piadinas Zanotta, the Bogani kiosk and the Liquor Beirão van will be at ModaLisboa Resort, outside the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, from 12h00 to 00h00, allowing the public the opportunity to taste the excellence of its products and flavors.

The Cervejaria de Rua recovers the tastes and traditional flavors of Portuguese breweries. Setúbal's seafood and cheese as well as Bacalhoa wine are the stars in the kitchen, where grills have a spotlight.

Revolution promotes a healthy diet where the product is respected, locally sourced, organic and nutritionally rich. It offers a menu easy to prepare, but always focused in a healthy diet, with good ingredients and smart combinations.

The piadina or piada is a typical Italian bread, made from a very fine dough with simple ingredients. Fresh and handcrafted, the Piadinas Zanotta are a specialty by Óscar Giunta and they are made with excellent quality products.

Bogani offers a high-quality coffee, guaranteed by the selection and combination of the best origins. It has a wide range of "Prestige", "Selection", "Special" and "Top Express" that always guarantee the right taste for each taste, so that the coffee is always unique and full of pleasure.

Licor Beirão is a typical liquor from Portugal, particularly from the region of Beira. Its production is based on several plants, including eucalyptus, cinnamon, rosemary and lavender, and aromatic seeds that are submitted thought a process of double distillation, resulting in a product with a sweet taste.