5. October 2022


-  ModaLisboa Oasis



6 OCT: 15H30 — 21H00
7 OCT: 17H00 — 22H30
8 OCT: 15H30 — 23H00
9 OCT: 14H30 — 21H00

You’re leaving our official hotel, IBEROSTAR SELECTION LISBOA, arriving at Lisboa Social Mitra, seeing our staff dressed in uniforms produced by CALVELEX/FABRICS 4 FASHION, and entering the show.


The Fashion Show is over. The doors open to the Outdoor Lounge and the crowd, still thinking not only about the clothes, but about the work that the hairstyling teams continue to do with L'ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL products — which we have been thinking about for years for sharing our love for that unique Backstage energy — and, from our pocket or wallet, we take out our phones. Very, very fast (obviously, we have ALTICE PORTUGAL wi-fi throughout the venue, there is no content that’s not published on social media in milliseconds), ModaLisboa app powered by Altice confirms which is the next fashion show. We still have time. We sit down browsing KINDA's new catalog (the chairs that filled the Fast Talks are very hard to forget, aren't they?) and dreaming of redecorations. For our homes, yes, and for our closets. With shopping at ModaLisboa’s Pop-up Store already in hand, there may still be an aesthetic appetite to discover MOCHE’s collection, which returns to ModaLisboa’s Lounge. The stand, which is much more than just clothing, serves as a special invitation to visit the brand's online store: loja.moche.pt.


Speaking about refreshing our looks — who doesn’t? — AEG will be in our Lounge with the AEG S7000 ProSteam® to show you what a difference steam can make. In addition to that (and because refreshing the look can have several meanings), a Nuno Baltazar scarf will also be raffling off.

A bathroom break? Yeah, we figured, we need that too. Because they are RENOVA, that can only mean that they are iconic — as is the iconic installation of the brand in our Lounge, which talks about creativity and originality in a desert where everything looks like copy-paste (this is the true meaning of OASIS). But we were talking about a RENOVA bathroom break, because it will be hard to wait to get home to try out the gifts that CLARINS will distribute during the Fashion Shows — after all, we spend the shows looking at that soft but Lip Comfort Oil or Supra Lift Mascara and it's normal to start daydreaming. If we pass by the SAMSUNG stand before we get to the bathroom (yes, their stand is also foldable!), however, we won't even need a mirror: GALAXY Z FLIP4 is the most beautiful piece of technology and will show its versatility as a mirror, challenging us to touch up our make-up with the (so often necessary) help of a make-up artist and CLARINS products. Now we move on to the icon on the side, GALAXY Z FOLD4, where SAMSUNG challenges us to draw. We are on a mission to put our Designers to the test.

Retouched make up, it's time to immortalize the moment. DS AUTOMOBILES, ModaLisboa's official vehicle, brought with it — in addition to the imposingly elegant DS7 in the Outdoor Lounge — a 360º video camera, not least because we are talking about a brand that sees us from all perspectives.


So, we’re thinking it's time for a toast. A glass of wine, please, it can be MANDRIOLA DE LISBOA (yes, that's right, that cat we see all over the city and who also walks around ModaLisboa chugging along) or BICO AMARELO, maybe one of each.

Party mode? So are we. Whether it's a GRANT'S — great choice, because this GRANT'S Triple Wood 12 is matured in three different types of wood — or a MOSKOVSKAYA PINK — this Latvian-produced vodka tastes like raspberry, fresh lemon and juniper — we're always well served.

To balance all of this, both in the interior and exterior areas of the Lounge, there is BOGANI, the coffee responsible for keeping the team awake throughout these days of the event and which is here to do the same for all guests.

But before, during and after all this, you have to hydrate. ÁGUA MONCHIQUE returns to ModaLisboa with its cocktail bar — yes, yes, cocktails, but with water, the ones that are really good fot you — because it believes in an alkaline future and we believe in water that really cares about people and the planet.


There's some for everyone: Hamburgueria do Bairro, Irmão and Mú Gelato Italiano are in ModaLisboa so that no one loses strength.


Where? We’re not saying. With whom? Still a secret. When? In time we’ll let you know. How? MOOSH, Caravel Entertainment's flagship brand that creates an innovative, safe and reliable space for sports betting and online casino enthusiasts, will officially host the MODALISBOA OASIS after-party.


All MODALISBOA OASIS videos to watch on SAPO, and TV Shows with exclusive interviews from the entire Fashion Week on RTP. Schedules to be revealed very soon.