2. March 2022


-  ModaLisboa Metaphysical


By assuming its commitment of education and democratization towards the city of Lisbon, MODALISBOA METAPHYSICAL has created a program of events open to the public that focuses on the territories of Technology and Art.

The highlight goes to the FAST TALKS calendar, which open the 58th Lisboa Fashion Week on March 10, at Factory Lisbon Amphitheater, at 4pm.  

The program is composed by two formats – three Pitch Sessions and a Talk, which feature panels of experts in the areas of Innovation, Digital, Communication, Business and Sustainability, who will focus their interventions on the intersection between these powerful disciplines and Fashion. Introducing the geographies of Metaverse, Web3, Hyperconnection and Decentralization of Power and Information into the conversations of ModaLisboa – and what’s more, making it the inaugural moment of Fashion Week – is a symptomatic translation of Fashion’s fascination and enthusiasm for the Digital world and for the almost endless possibilities, both creative and business, for intellectual expansion. But it is also an unmistakable testament for the pressing need of change to a system where freedom, democracy and equality take precedence over everything else. 

 FAST TALKS are, per excellence, ModaLisboa’s moment of thought and discussion, and have the responsibility of containing, at the same time, a high level of critical discourse and an exploration of creative practices to find ways of building a common understanding. More information – panel descriptions and speaker bios – here.

Free entry, subject to prior registration, here.

Regarding EXHIBITIONS, MODALISBOA METAPHYSICAL will be fertile ground for experimentalism in the relationship between Art and Public. In addition to the EGO SELFIE HOTEL WITH SOUND BATH (all information, here), a ModaLisboa creation in partnership with CABANAmad, our industrial partners are also coming back with new exhibition proposals.

Portuguese Shoes by APICCAPS will bring to Lisbon the revelation of its new campaign, which until March 8th will be in the secret of the footwear gods, but from which we can already say it is the greatest possible compliment to Portuguese Art and which responds with a peremptory “Yes” to the question Can an Industry be a Form of Art?

MODAPORTUGAL by CENIT/ANIVEC focuses on technology: giving as an example the Valérius Group, for its work in raising awareness and education for a circular, clean, sustainable and innovative Fashion industry. More information, here.

On the other hand, AORP crosses oceans with the TRAVESSIA campaign and the CROSSINGS collection: both will be on display at Lisboa Fashion Week addressing the convergence of languages and talents and the fluidity of creativity. More information, here.

Olga Noronha will also have an art installation on display: ESSAY ON THE BODY-NO-BODY-IN-BODY reconfigures space, time and the feeling of the dissociated body.

The last mandatory stop is Praça, responsible for the gastronomy of MODALISBOA METAPHYSICAL that will be open during the event. The menu, created especially for Lisboa Fashion Week, can already be consulted here.

For all these events, admission is free, and mandatory registration can be done here.

MODALISBOA METAPHYSICAL. Creation, beyond everything else.