2. October 2020


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Mais



Three digital platforms. ModaLisboa ambassadors. Live coverage. Curated content. Marketplace. A new Sangue Novo award, decided by the audience. We will do MAIS (eng. more).

On October 7, ModaLisboa and Altice Portugal will launch three new digital platforms, created from scratch to reach MAIS (eng. #more) people: a mobile app, a TV app (exclusive for MEO clients), and a microsite. Three versatile broadcasting media points that will transmit, live, all the runway shows and happenings of Lisboa Fashion Week; backstage coverage with interviews and also a daily overview of a different Fashion Week. Each day, the broadcast will be headed by a ModaLisboa Ambassador: Cleo Tavares, Rui Maria Pêgo, Renato Duarte and Catarina Palma will be the faces, the voices and the life of this transparent, instant and unfiltered coverage, of the emotion that is being MAIS (eng. more).

But that’s not all. Beyond this live broadcast, the three platforms will have available, for free, exclusive contents created before and during the event, in an immersive program designed to offer to everyone who cannot join us physically, a 360º experience of everything that fits within Fashion: meaning, the world. Three communication axes built to be versatile, now and in the future, ready to evolve, while supporting the new technological trends.

On the microsite (accessible through our modalisboa.pt) and on the mobile app (available for IOS and Android), both bilingual and totally responsive to the variety of devices, we want to create a community. All images, videos and sounds will be sharable through social media, there will be playlists to listen when the runway goes silent; first-hand videos of the ModaLisboa designers; and curated content about culture, sustainability, art and future. And there will be two opportunities to directly support Portuguese Fashion: through the See Now, Buy Now model and through a refurbished Wonder Room, that will have available, during Lisboa Fashion Week, a selection of special and customized design pieces.

On the mobile app, the news are even MAIS (eng. more). An exclusive area allows the user to schedule which shows to see live, creating a personal calendar that sets push notifications for the selected shows; save all favorite images and videos in an individual wall; and there is also room for some surprises, that we will leave to be explored by the users from the 7th of October. We lift the veil only to one: a new Sangue Novo award, the MOCHE Award, decided by the audience through an in-app voting system.

The notion that digital media would have to be the fuel to connect a community separated by the pandemic, was the second certainty that arose during the construction process of the 55th Lisboa Fashion Week. And we say the second certainty because the first one was that we would have to find a way to make MODALISBOA MAIS happen, for the designers, for the creatives, and for the industry.

From that point on, everything that followed was organic and almost obvious: to think everything digital would mean to think everything again, imagining a sofa as a first-row seat, and a screen as the presence of the other that before we had as granted. And that could only be made with a technological partner like Altice Portugal. Together, we will amplify voices, communicate Fashion, think the future. Together, we will be MAIS (eng. more).

MODALISBOA MAIS. Today, we will do again.