5. October 2020


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Mais


It’s fundamental to publicize, it’s essential to communicate, it’s imperative to create platforms for exposure and networking opportunities for Portuguese designers. But what justifies all this – the period after a grammatically well-constructed sentence – is the act of buying. And for that act of buying to exist, it’s necessary to create bridges between the designers and the customers.

This was one of the central focuses in the planning of MODALISBOA MAIS: now, more than ever, we have to shorten the distance and to simplify the process of accessing Made in Portugal pieces. On the subject we wrote Fashion, but we add to that subject some of the most creative Portuguese design brands.

The WONDER ROOM, in MODALISBOA MAIS, will have both a digital format (on ModaLisboa.pt and on the mobile app, available for IOS and Android) and a physical format (at the RESORT area, on October 10 and 11). The digital WONDER ROOM will be a showcase of a series of products, curated by ModaLisboa, with pieces from the Lisboa Fashion Week designers, but also from some other design Portuguese brands. It’s a conceptual wall, carefully put together, with pieces customized or at special prices, that will lead the customer to the designer or brand online store, where the direct purchase can be made. At the RESORT area, the WONDER ROOM maintains its classical format, with invited brands by ModaLisboa. 

MODALISBOA MAIS wants to solidify the mission of bringing Portuguese brands closer to the final customer, in a time that has left two seasons of the designers’ work, under embargo by the pandemic. Never, like now, was so important to encourage, promote and provide a conscious, ethical and sustainable consumption of the design, that drives the Portuguese economy, community, industry and culture.

7-11 OCTOBER 2020

Official presentation of the Portuguese Designers’ collections.

A joint initiative of the Municipality of Lisbon and ModaLisboa Association.