1. September 2020


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Mais


Like an illusion, time felt suspended. A mandatory stop. The world pulled the brakes and our houses became the only streets we knew. We came inside, inside the walls and inside ourselves. The glass, the screen, became the only window to the other. In it we have searched the solution. We have done the math.

Less means. Less perspectives. Less people. Less health. Less freedom. Less buys. Less sales. Less jobs. Less street. Less doors. Less hugs. Less platforms. Less air, less.

Last month’s negative factors aggravated a Fashion cycle that, even before, needed to be revised, rethought, broken.  The industry united in the digital cosmos and, in a table big enough to fit all of us, subtracted. Less collections, less presentations, less looks, less waste, less pre-seasons, less classic formats, less clothes. And that less spread like an echo, the cascade effect of the initial disturbance, superior, reaching all margins. On that matter the exact sciences are very clear on what they deliver us: when there is multiplication, less with less, equals MAIS (eng: MORE). We need to me more.

More empathetic, more inclusive, more creative, more humble, more active, more disruptive, more ethical, more aware, more pragmatic, more open, more united, more free. More human.  

The need to resort to Fashion as a pulse of society became urgent. As it became urgent to stop looking only to the finished product and return to hearing the ones who think it, inspire it and produce it. MODALISBOA MAIS, in co-organization with Lisbon’s Town Hall, reaches the public in multiplatform and multiformat, between 7 and 11 of October 2020.

It will more days of an event with and immersive digital component and an exclusive and strategical physical component. The base of operations will be in the Parque Eduardo VII Gardens, where the city welcomes Fashion again, in communion with the outdoors, the open air, the green and the life. The decision was not taken lightly. All these past months existed in a process of reflection, observation and permanent debate with the world, of a necessary transformation, with the conscience that, until October, everything can change again, and it that case, will change again with that everything. But it is necessary to keep the cultural sector moving. It’s necessary to communicate all professions, all talents that sow the Fashion industry together. It’s necessary to highlight their material and immaterial value for the city and the country. It’s necessary that we continue to talk about sustainability, inclusion and local and conscious consumption. It’s necessary that we continue to work, to project future, to create dreams. It’s necessary to do more.

And, above all, it’s necessary to make an event for the world in which we live today. This implies that all face-to-face interactions will be made in a safe way, in total compliance with the guidelines of the local and national authorities of health. That past models won’t be replicated and that today’s needs be answered. That every designer rhythm has to be respect, without imposing seasons and creating platforms of total creative freedom. That we remember that these same designers have seen two seasons of their work be storage by a pandemic and so for that matter, for them, and for all the others working in Fashion, culture, or art, it’s imperative to keep moving forward. 

From the Parque Eduardo VII Gardens – with an extremely limited attendance capacity – to you, to the world, in a new mobile app, an innovative TV app and a reinforced Modalisboa.pt, all built in a grand partnership with Altice, all with free access. More than a Fashion Week, we will create a meeting of free thought. More than an answer, we will create a conversation.

MODALISBOA MAIS. Today, we will do again.

ModaLisboa 2020 | Photo: Ricardo Santos | Creative Direction: Cláudia Barros | Model: Amy Gambini (L’Agence) | Calligraphy: Ramiro Guerreiro | Graphic Design: Joana Areal

7-11 OCTOBER 2020

Official presentation of the Portuguese Designers’ collections.

A joint initiative of the Municipality of Lisbon and ModaLisboa Association.