30. July 2020


-  ModaLisboa Mais


It’s not enough to make just another Fashion Week.
To do it, just because.
To do.
It's not enough to be physical.
To be digital.
It’s not enough to be, if we’re not changing something.

But we are changing. We are growing. We are under construction. We are learning. We are listening.
We have no answers. We have questions, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.
Fashion isn’t just pieces of clothing: it’s an industry, a community, it’s thought, it’s society, it’s life. Our designers, models, makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists, photographers, students, producers, manufacturers, thinkers are not just a professional label, they’re not just some job: they are culture, they are added value, they are human, they are love.
For this reason, for all this, for all of them, the next ModaLisboa is not just a Fashion Week. It’s a conversation, a search, a quest, a discussion. It’s an open, changeable, free place. We’re living in an unresolved equation and together we can be, we will be, the solution.

Today, we will be MAIS.

ModaLisboa 2020 | Photo: Ricardo Santos | Creative Direction: Cláudia Barros | Model: Rafael Mayers (Face Models) | Calligraphy: Ramiro Guerreiro | Graphic Design: Joana Areal