10. March 2021


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A work in progress, continuous and uninterrupted. With total creative freedom, cemented by an edition that dilutes the boundaries of space and time. ModaLisboa’s WORKSTATION continues to be a platform for young talents, that not only unites Fashion Design, Photography and Illustration, but also unites visions, experiences and resumes that go beyond Fashion’s image stereotype.

At MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE, from April 15 to 18, 2021, on all ModaLisboa platforms, WORKSTATION will be a digital showcase of videos and images as unique as their creators. In an edition that explores the online as the only medium of union, and in which the main objective is to tell the stories of the ModaLisboa #Comunidade, the importance of WORKSTATION as a place of creativity is even more significant.

Carolina Raquel, Federico Protto, Filipe Augusto and Saskia Lenaerts. Fashion films where we find a study-project on the materiality of things, a mystical place where the eye can fly, a concrete proposal on evolution and the possible trip to the creative process of those who were prevented from travelling.

Francisco Narciso and Gabriela Ferreira. Two photographers are this season part of the platform that already featured names like Arlindo Camacho, Vera Marmelo, Ana Paganini, Andy Dyo or Maria Martins. Two new perspectives on Fashion and on ModaLisboa, that navigate between editorial freshness and the deeply human warmth.

Catarina Morais, Gustavo Carmo, Márcia Gomes, Rocky Beeson and Susana Soares. Multidisciplinary illustrators who navigate between visual supports like digital illustration, painting or collage to deconstruct Fashion’s image. These artists will create their works remotely, from the streamed images of the shows, leading ModaLisboa into the homes of all of its #Comunidade, worldwide.


© ModaLisboa 2021
Art Direction: Miguel Flor
Photo & Styling: Miguel Flor and Filipe Augusto
Visual/Lightning: 00:Nekyia Collective
Models: Egor, Kieza and Sebi (Central), Daniel Christian (Da Banda), Tian (We Are)
Make up: Antónia Rosa assisted by Frederico Simão
Hair: Helena Vaz Pereira assisted by Oksana and Náná for Griffehairstyle with L'Oréal Professionnel products
Designers: Arndes; Carlos Gil; Carolina Machado; Filipe Augusto; Fora de Jogo; Gonçalo Peixoto; Hibu; Lidija Kolovrat; Luís Carvalho; Pilar do Rio; Ricardo Andrez; Valentim Quaresma
Graphic Design: Joana Areal
Thanks: Nicolai Sarbib – Thirdbase