15. April 2021


-  Sangue Novo,  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Comunidade


On September 9, 2020, ModaLisboa announced the 10 young Designers elected from the first phase of the Sangue Novo competition and, a month later, with a digital presentation at the MODALISBOA MAIS Resort space, the judges chose the five finalists. Andreia Reimão, Ari Paiva, Arndes, Fora de Jogo and Rafael Ferreira are the five protagonists of the first entirely digital Sangue Novo contest and today, at MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE, they presented their final collections.

Miguel Flor, Rosário de Mello e Castro, Ricardo Andrez, Adriano Batista, Massimiliano Giornetti and Ricardo Silva closely followed the creative process of these five Designers, through digital mentoring meetings and, today, after the debut of their new collections at Prata Riversidade Village, in Lisbon, the winner have been announced.

Fora the Jogo, the project of Designer João Januário, was chosen for the ModaLisboa Prize in partnership with Tintex Textiles: a three-week residency at Tintex and a monetary prize of 2000 euros.

ARNDES, by Ana Rita de Sousa, received the ModaLisboa prize in partnership with Polimoda: a Master in Fashion Design, or Master in Collection Design, at Polimoda, and a monetary prize of 3500 euros.

Last but not least, the much-anticipated ModaLisboa prize in partnership with MOCHE - an award where the recognition doesn't come from the jury, but from the public who voted on their favorite Designer through the ModaLisboa app - was given to Rafael Ferreira, who receives a 1500 euros scholarship.

The Sangue Novo contest continues to drive, guide and reveal new talents in Fashion Design, fulfilling its mission of building a window to the future. It is here that we continue to find the maximum exponent of creativity, the freedom of creation, the imagination without reins. And this is where we always come back looking for inspiration. We will always need Sangue Novo (eng.: new blood) to continue.

MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE. Together, we will carry on.