7. April 2021


-  Moda Portuguesa,  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Comunidade


21 fashion shows, 13 talks, 8 movies from our #Comunidade, many of them in absolute premiere. This is what we would say if we liked to speak in numbers, but the worlds that we are going to reveal in this digital edition of Lisboa Fashion Week are not quantifiable.

From April 15th to 18th, 2021, on the microsite, the apps (for iOS, Android, and even for TV, an exclusive for MEO customers), and on ModaLisboa social networks, we’ll explore Fashion as a social, cultural and economic phenomenon. In addition to everything that is scheduled, the MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE livestream will also have exclusive interviews with Designers, plus reports and features that involve our Fashion ecosystem.

The program extends over these four days with content recorded in Lisbon, London, Brussels, Florence, Amsterdam, Porto, Paris, New York, or Milan. Serbia, Philippines, Ghana, Singapore, Brazil are other of the locations. We didn’t say we were literally going to reveal worlds, but we could have done it because the ModaLisboa #Comunidade doesn’t have a place: it is a place.

MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE. Together, we will carry on.