10. February 2021


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Comunidade


United by will, we carry on. A year ago, we watched the sunrise mirrored in the Tagus waters from one of the after-party balconies and after that, as if the day forgot about how to dawn, all went pitch-dark. First wave, second wave, third wave, while lights – blinding and flashing – throbbing breathtaking sounds, but united by will, we carry on. In the midst of chaos, we found ourselves in others, in the ones standing next to us. At distance, we recognize ourselves, we listen and we touched our insides, that place where resilience and reinvention is born, that place that knows no replicas, only pure creation, and united by will, we carry on. We continue to wake up.

Poets say that there’s a word for everything. In all editions, we strive to find that set of vowels and consonants that is able to encapsulate everything what we are, who we are. Today, that word, the sole word, is COMUNIDADE (eng.: community). 

When we cannot see what lays ahead is because the solution is to look around: the designers, the artists, the musicians, the photographers, the journalists, the models, the hair stylists, the make-up artists, the manufacturers, the technicians, the business executives, the researchers, the investors, the brands, the professors, the students, the consumers and the enthusiasts. The entrepreneurs, the dreamers, the independents, the local market, the fair production, the creativity so inherently human. All the visions, all the minds, all the hands, all the voices. Our COMUNIDADE (eng.: community). The one we started to create exactly 30 years ago, in 1991, when ModaLisboa first opened the heart of the city to the significance of Fashion. The one we now wanted to celebrate, with the toast we see postponed, but nor forgotten. Because to that Community we owe much more than a celebration: we owe continuity.

For it, for her, to her and with her, we continue. MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE (eng.: community), in co-organization with Lisbon City Council returns from April 15 to 18, 2021. We live in a time without time and, for this reason, as in last edition, we will not impose a season, and will carry on being a place of freedom. We have a responsibility to the mission to which we committed to 30 years ago, but right now we also have a heavy social responsibility, imposed by the situation that we are living: therefore, MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE (eng.: community) will be exclusively digital. We are working in a Fashion week with an indelible identity, transmitted in multiformat, on our renewed platforms: the website (ModaLisboa.pt), the mobile app (for iOS and Android) and the TV app (exclusive for MEO clients), all created in partnership with Altice Portugal. Yes, we changed the house to welcome you again. We will carry on being the stage of culture and of those who make it, with all the safety norms ensured, and with all the will that unites us.

We write these words from a place of saudade and hope. There is, with the vaccine, a light at the end of the tunnel. And perhaps that light is the sun that rises in the Tagus river, and when it dawns, we will see it shine, glass in hand, toast ready, on the balcony of Lisbon.

MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE. Together, we will carry on.


© ModaLisboa 2021
Art Direction: Miguel Flor
Photo & Styling: Miguel Flor and Filipe Augusto
Visual/Lightning: 00:Nekyia Collective
Models: Camila Salgueiro (Blast), Daniel Christian (Da Banda), Martim Canavarro (Da Banda), Sebi (Central Models)
Make up: Antónia Rosa assisted by Frederico Simão
Hair: Helena Vaz Pereira assisted by Oksana and Náná for Griffehairstyle with L'Oréal Professionnel products
Designers: Arndes; Carlos Gil; Carolina Machado; Filipe Augusto; Fora de Jogo; Gonçalo Peixoto; Hibu; Lidija Kolovrat; Luís Carvalho; Pilar do Rio; Ricardo Andrez; Valentim Quaresma
Graphic Design: Joana Areal
Thanks: Nicolai Sarbib – Thirdbase

15>18 APRIL '21

Official Presentation of Portuguese Designers’ Collections

A joint initiative of the Municipality of Lisbon and ModaLisboa