14. October 2019


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Collective


On the last day of MODALISBOA COLLECTIVE we traveled to Collective 284, at Rua das Amoreiras, to visit the exhibition “Uma Ode a Olga Noronha. The designer presented some of her most important pieces of ODE series (2016) as sculptural works and launched the ODE Luxury Tableware collection, in collaboration with the Architecture Warehouse.

The Panteão Nacional was the stage of Carolina Machado’s fashion show, who took us on a trip to Capri Island, in Italy. Inspired by its narrow white streets, flower-covered Tuscan architecture and turquoise sea, the designer explored various textures of crumpled fabric and tie-dye prints in a pastel palette.

Constança Entrudo worked with geometric prints which collapsed into deconstructed weaving. A collection based on manual techniques and a constant search for overcoming and consolidate the brand as a portent of freshness and innovation.

Duarte presented 'Atacama', a collection inspired by the pictorial landscapes of Chile's Atacama Desert. Using light and fresh materials such as fresh linen and cotton, as well as warm knitwear and leather in cream, camel, green and red. The designer took us on an adventure that could happen in any season.

Gonçalo Peixoto reinterpreted traditional patterns in unexpected silhouettes and vibrant colors in his collection. The fusion between classic and sporty has expanded its presence in fabrics, shapes and the way the pieces fit into the female body. The designer has become adept of creating a strong, impressive image that is etched in the memory of the beholder but especially of the wearer.

Kolovrat challenged us to think of actions, confronting us with the outcome of our existence, in a collection that turned what we considered disposable into manifestos of hope for tomorrow. Each coordinate flourished in its own genderless existence without dictates. On the runway were seen loose and straight silhouettes that coexisted with draped coats and blazers, oversized T-shirts, and loose-fitting gabardines of lightweight fabric.

Under the cooperation protocol established between the ModaLisboa Association and ANJE, responsible for Portugal Fashion, Carlos Gil returned to ModaLisboa's catwalk with 'Ideal Nature' collection, inspired by nature. The designer built a symbolism that defines femininity through elements of nature that represent its delicacy, sensitivity and beauty. The result: a collection full of patterns that suggest paintings with floral details, organic shapes and bursts of color with brush strokes.

Referring to Art Deco and the silhouette of the 1920s, Luís Carvalho combined the feminine and delicate side with the masculine side, reinterpreting the male suit for both sexes and working the materials in unexpected ways. This season the designer worked a more straight and refined silhouette, using materials such as cotton twill, silk satin, organza, sequins, feathers, denim and oxford, in shades of black, pink, water green, rust, gray and raw.

And so ended another edition of Lisboa Fashion Week, an edition marked by the belief in unity and the desire to never stop innovating and growing. An edition where we moved, we inhabited the free heart of Lisbon, and forged new communication channels on all platforms touched by fashion.

MODALISBOA COLLECTIVE. Fashion is future. And the future is collective.

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10. 11. 12. 13 OCTOBER 2019

Official presentation of the Portuguese Designers’ collections.

Lisboa Fashion Week is promoted by the ModaLisboa Association in co-organization with the Municipality of Lisbon. The initiative is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Lisbon Operational Program from Portugal 2020.