13. October 2019


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Collective


MODALISBOA COLLECTIVE is the belief of unity. It is plurality in a word. It is the desire to never stop innovating and growing. It is the collective notion of heritage that inspires new creations and languages.

Distinctive creations and languages such as Nuno Gama, Imauve, João Magalhães, Patrick de Pádua, Ricardo Preto, #DecenioAlexandraMoura, Aleksandar Protic, Luís Onofre, Ricardo Andrez and Dino Alves.

Nuno Gama presented a collection inspired by “The Little Prince”, challenging us to honor the planet. A collection that was based on the full appreciation of the beauty of nature and proved to be a reflection on the impact each has on Earth. In 'Captivation' Nuno Gama spoke of legacy and inheritance, and went back to the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to remember that “the essential is only heard with the heart”, asking us to listen to our surroundings, to change habits and make the difference we want to see in the world.

Imauve presented for the first time a collection without a season, formed by two different lines of thought, but always linked by color. The first line was based on a quality basic capsule, which was complemented by the second line inspired by Luis Barragán's studio house (Mexico). The silhouettes, between oversized and line A, materialized in tencel, cotton, viscose and silk in shades of pink, roasted yellow, lime green, orange, ivory, beige, brown and black.

Inspired by the Cyborg Manifesto (1985) by Donna Haraway, João Magalhães defended the idea of the dissolution of boundaries between man, nature and machine. Deconstructed frills and silhouettes are related to women's clothing and prints were developed in collaboration with digital artist Guilherme Curado, and played with the contrast of materials such as vinyl and silicone, organza and silk chiffon, reinforcing the idea of dialogue between natural and man made.

Patrick de Pádua presented 'Call Me', a collection powered by Ambitious, inspired by the 90's Club Kids. The designer explored the fun side of the era, betting on prints, patches and patterns in full look. The streetwear/sportswear identity of the brand remained evident throughout the collection, prioritizing comfort, in diversified silhouettes between fit and oversized, materialized in cotton, denim, waterproof, twill, silk, leather and polyester. The color palette is based on black and white combined with vivid colors such as yellow, green and bordeaux.

Ricardo Preto fought the idea of misalignment through lightness and restructuring of forms. Exclusively for Rustan’s, Ricardo developed a collection where the pieces stood out for both their visual presence and sophisticated silhouettes, resulting in a contemporary and irreverent look. Metallic and earth tones, blues and yellows combined with mauve and bordeaux.

This was followed by #DecenioAlexandraMoura fashion show, under the cooperation protocol established between ModaLisboa Association and ANJE, responsible for Portugal Fashion. Decenio has combined his classicism with the deconstruction and conceptualization of Alexandra Moura, resulting in a collection with a new DNA. The designer interpreted the brand's traditional codes in a game of contrasts between fluid and structured, combining Decenio's classic materials with technological fabrics. The multiplicity of raw materials and volumes spreads across the blues, orange, black and beige, as well as in the print created from an original photograph of Moura.

Aleksandar Protic surprised us with “sculptured” and draped, structured and fluid shapes, creating dramatic but practical coordinates. The creator often finds his inspiration in art, music and the world around him. For the SS 20 collection, he explored shades and patterns with reference to childhood impressions of clothing, personalities and uniqueness, explored in cotton, linen, blends, viscose and silk in colors such as white, orange, yellows and blues.

As part of the partnership between the ModaLisboa Association and ANJE, responsible for Portugal Fashion,  Luís Onofre presented “EIVISSA”, a collection with the aura of a summer light between Ibiza and Mykonos, which marks the designers' return to unexpected combinations of colors and materials, and at the same time, the reinvention of the brand in a new sustainability paradigm. Animal leather was replaced by fabrics, wood and cork shaped has heels. Without ever losing his elegance codes, Luis Onofre sets a clear, bet on a future that belongs to everyone.

Sustainability is also a constant reflection for Ricardo Andrez. In his new summer 2020 collection, the designer used dead stock fabrics to try to reduce their environmental impact. Without losing brand identity or being visually appealing, Andrez's new collection shows that design can and should be fair.

Dino Alves brought us “Private Place”. A collection that was inspired by how we relate to our body over time and how others see and relate to it. Exploring the dictatorship that beauty concepts impose on us and the way we use our bodies to express ourselves, Dino presented a collection with details and techniques of underwear and volumes created using the technique of crinolines, using harnesses and recycled fabrics, such as organza and silk.

Today we start the day with Olga Noronha’s ODE exhibition, at Collective 284. After that, Carolina Machado will have her fashion show at the Panteão Nacional and then, the event returns to Antigas Oficinas Gerais de Fardamento e Equipamento do Exército to see Constança Entrudo,  Duarte, Gonçalo Peixoto, Kolovrat, Carlos Gil and Luís Carvalho’s new collections.

MODALISBOA COLLECTIVE. Fashion is future. And the future is collective.

SS 20
10. 11. 12. 13 OCTOBER 2019

Official presentation of the Portuguese Designers’ collections.

Lisboa Fashion Week is promoted by the ModaLisboa Association in co-organization with the Municipality of Lisbon. The initiative is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Lisbon Operational Program from Portugal 2020.