30. April 2020


-  Apiccaps


Thinking about the future now is probably one of the most dichotomous things we can ask for. At the same time that we see hope, we see uncertainty. There is nothing more frightening, nor anything more exciting, than the unknown. APICCAPS, Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers' Association, thinks about the future every day. And they do it so that the present can never catch us off guard.

When the world is forced to pause, when a large part of the population has four walls as the only possible landscape and screens are the ultimate window to the rest of the universe, the present is digital. The strategy didn't start today, of course — it was planned in the past to act in the future, this future today that we are still learning how to live.

According to the study "The Portuguese footwear cluster on the Internet", carried out by the Center for Management and Applied Economics Studies for APICCAPS, in which 328 companies and 362 brands were surveyed, about three quarters of the companies in the sector have an online presence. Much because of the investment of 2 million euros, supported by the Compete 2020 Program. The project is called "Offer Appreciation", and, among strategic diagnoses, communication plans and content production, almost 100 companies have already benefited from this impulse that helps the creation and promotion of websites and online stores or the realization of digital marketing campaigns.

And APICCAPS itself, as the parent and aggregator of all these players of Made in Portugal, has also not been standing still. In addition to launching a series of webinars during this confinement period, the biannual publication of talent excellence has been featured on the new Portuguese Soul website, the vehicle to remind us that creativity, freshness, art and culture have no quarantine. After all, in digital, as in dreams, we are all together. The difference is that here dreams are reality.

Image: Portuguese Soul Editorial 
Photo: Frederico Martins
Styling: Nelly Gonçalves
Production: Diogo Oliveira - Lalaland Studios
Photographer assistants: Pedro Sá and Michael Matsoukas
Make-up: Patrícia Lima
Hair: Rui Rocha
Model: Rachide Embaló - We are Models