17. May 2021


-  Moda Portuguesa


This week, the city awakes to a new Nuno Gama concept store, and ModaLisboa spoke to the Designer so that we could tell you everything.

From Chiado to Arroios, from the historic center to Lisbon’s cultural artery. It is at Praça Ilha do Faial, number 5, that from now on we will find Nuno Gama, with a new store and a new studio. This project, which began months ago, maintains the concept store view that Gama has already accustomed us to, but this time, the concept is different.

In the neighborhood that still remains truly bairrista, with an injection of youth and artistic settings, Designer fashion imposes itself with an open door to those who build the fabric of Portuguese fashion.

We are very excited about the opening of the new Nuno Gama address, and we believe you are too. Tell us about the last few months — it shouldn't be easy to build a project of this magnitude during a pandemic.
The most difficult part of the process was to overcome the doubt to carry on, or not, with this project in this pandemic/economic conjuncture. But the love for my profession speaks louder and that's the only way I know how to be happy. On the other hand, nothing has worked at 100%, which has lengthened and made the project much more expensive. 

What do you think was more difficult — and also more stimulating — about the process?
To overcome fears, given the current situation, and continue to believe that the Universe provides us with everything we need to continue our path. Understanding/reacting to all these situations is and will be the biggest challenge.

You didn't just change spaces, you also changed neighborhoods in Lisbon, after so long in Príncipe Real and Chiado. What do you feel that this new area of the city can bring to your brand?
I feel life and tranquility, I feel that I am better equipped to receive customers without any stress. It seems that we’re almost apart from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Your stores were never just a place to buy your items, but a 360º concept for Nuno Gama customers. What can we expect from this new venture?
The great news is that we will have a space with product design, new designers and some colleagues of mine without stores in Lisbon. We don’t have a Barbershop or Perfumery anymore, but the rest remains, with a spirit of mutual help and a more Portuguese approach.

Finally, what about the brand: can you tell us what's next for you? What have you been working on, and what has inspired you?
We’ll will start preparing for the next winter, always in the challenge of what modern Portuguese life is.