1. March 2019


-  ModaLisboa Insight FW 19/20


The Bogani Cafés brand reinforces, once again, its partnership with ModaLisboa.

In order to provide the perfect expresso for a tasting experience, Bogani guarantees its own space in the social area and outside the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, where ModaLisboa Insight takes place. The brand helps, once again, all the artists involved in the event to awaken their creativity, giving them, through coffee, energy and dynamics.

This bet of Bogani aims to maintain proximity to its consumer, and to make themselves known in what their natural territory is: fashion, music and design.

It also aims to communicate the new image of Bogani, resulting from its recent rebranding process.

About Bogani

Bogani is a brand launched in 2002, associated with a coffee of excellent quality, ensured by the selection and combination of the best origins. It has a wide range of products such as "Prestige", "Selection", "Special" and "Top Express" that always guarantee the right taste for each palate, so that the act of drinking coffee is always unique and full of pleasure. Bogani is energetic, irreverent and dynamic. A brand with a coffee that is distinguished by the stimulating flavor and active aroma, in a cosmopolitan drink that awakens the senses and moments of well-being, sharing and conviviality.