10. October 2019


-  ModaLisboa,  ModaLisboa Collective


Bogani once again reinforces its partnership with ModaLisboa.

In order to guarantee the perfect expresso for all lovers of fashion and coffee, Bogani guarantees its own space in the social area and outside the Oficinas Gerais de Fardamento e Equipamento.

The brand invites all the guests and artists involved in the event to arouse their creativity, with all the energy and dynamics characteristic of their coffee. ModaLisboa Collective is the belief of unity and plurality in one word. Fashion is future and the future is collective. More than ever Bogani identifies with the event for its energy and innovation.


Bogani is a brand launched in 2002, associated with an excellent quality coffee, ensured by the selection and combination of the best origins. Bogani is energetic, irreverent and dynamic. A brand with a coffee that is distinguished by its stimulating taste and active aroma, in a cosmopolitan drink that awakens the senses and moments of well-being, sharing and conviviality.

Bogani has just launched a new range of environmentally friendly coffee capsules. Certified by TÜV Austria - an independent regulatory organization that checks product compostability - with the “OK compost INDUSTRIAL” seal, this solution is biodegradable and 100 percent compostable under optimum temperature and humidity conditions, guaranteed in so-called industrial composting. The capsules are made from a range of biodegradable polymers and hermetically sealed with a paper film. In addition to protecting the environment by producing less waste, composting also provides a valuable product - organic compost - that can be used as a natural fertilizer.