1. July 2022


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"Transverse 1" is the title of the first solo exhibition by designer Archie Dickens, on display from July 7th to 9th, at the Mono Lisboa.

Curated by Jason Lyn, “Transverse 1” presents 10 original knitted textile pieces that continue the work the designer has been developing so far, but with a new twist. The work expresses the concept of moving from one place to another, achieved through the development of an iterative process and the intuitive way in which this is combined with the manipulation of the material produced.

Every piece is meticulously crafted in three stages: starting with a process of drawing and development as a way to direct the instinctual second stage, during which the textile is made. With the dimensions already in mind, a slow and steady additive motion becomes fluid and sustained. Once the material has been constructed, stage three can begin. He assembles the fabric on the frame and adjusts the composition of the work until its distinct voice becomes clear. Crucially, at this point, tension is introduced to create the refined form we can see in evidence. Hand sewing the planes together, he endeavours to construct a continuous loop of form. As important as the physical elements is the negative space that occupies the rest of the work. The interplay between the chiaroscuro of the pleat indent and the pure white textile combines to deliver a coherent outcome.

Archie Dickens graduated in Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art and in Fashion Womenswear from the Royal College of Art in London. The British designer based in Lisbon makes his own materials through weaving, creating unique and special knitted pieces. In June 2018, he launched his knitwear brand and presented his first collection at Sangue Novo, ModaLisboa's Young Designers competition. From October 2019 to October 2020, he integrated the Workstation platform.

Archie Dickens

July 7 - 9
Mono Lisboa

Rua Feio Terenas, 31A - Lisboa