ModaLisboa Go Global

Project Technical Sheet

Project name | ModaLisboa Go Global (MLGG)
Project Code | LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-034103
Main Goal | Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises
Beneficiary | Association ModaLisboa

Date of project approval | 16/04/2018
Project start date | 20/05/2018
Project end date | 18/06/2020
Eligible investment | € 1.247.611,76
Financial support from the European Union | ERDF - € 499 044,70

Project Overview

The ModaLisboa Go Global project was part of the Internationalization Support Program of the Operational Program (PO) in Lisbon, through the System of Supporting Collective Actions (SIAC) Internationalization and had a special focus on the dynamics of the internationalization of the city of Lisbon as the capital of Culture and Fashion. It was structured in 4 editions of ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week, corresponding to the edition of the second semester of 2018, two editions in 2019 and the last in the first semester of 2020, which took place during the usual fashion calendars, presenting the spring / summer and autumn / winter collections. In each of the editions, multiple events were planned to respond to a broader strategy from ModaLisboa to foster the growth of the Lisbon Fashion Week event, through a repositioning that chooses prestige, innovation, creativity and differentiation, responding in a more effective way to the demand of international audiences and boosting the growth of the national Fashion Industry.

The project were developed closely with strategic partners, among them the Lisbon Municipality (, the Regional Tourism Entity of Lisbon (, as well as industry partners , among them Cenit, Anivec and Apiccaps. The aim was to stimulate the connection between the various players of the Fashion Industry, among them designers, companies, schools specialized in Fashion education, models agencies, media, showrooms, retail and the various services and consultancies that are specialized in this field.

The project aimed to increase the visibility and international reputation of Portuguese Fashion, by promoting the Lisbon region as a pole of excellence in national fashion, fostering the incorporation of innovation and design, both in terms of product development and the design of services and different forms of business, fostering the integration of qualified young designers in activities related to fashion. Encouraging activities that activate a collective awareness of the various players in the Fashion Industry, enhancing knowledge, sharing best practices and ultimately reaching a more dynamic and agile creative and entrepreneurial community in response to the market challenges.

For the project to achieve its goal, it was proposed to implement a set of initiatives, of which the following stand out: Lisbon Fashion Week; Check Point; Sangue Novo - Young Designers Competition; and Wonder Room, totaling an investment of €1.325. 265,30, and an incentive of €499.044,70 corresponding to an eligible investment of €1.247.611,76 was approved within the framework of the above-mentioned SIAC.

In essence, the implementation of these activities sought to address some of the weaknesses of the sector, namely the low awareness and deficient knowledge of regional and national designers and brands, and to promote the transfer of knowledge, especially in the context of technological developments and trends in terms of demand, so that the bet on innovative products is successful and its marketing allows to monetize the investment made. In addition, it sought to highlight the importance of design as a critical success factor, promoting the insertion of young designers in the national industry, giving the entrepreneur the possibility of perceiving that the investment in improving the design of their products is positive for their business.

The investment answered to an integrated strategy that promotes internationalization dynamics of the National Fashion Design and its creatives from Lisbon, anchored in a disruptive and differentiating vision in the creation of contents and experiences for the city.