NycolePwr by Portugal Fashion


Nycole is a menswear brand founded by Tânia Nicole. Based in Porto, the brand is inspired by the streetwear universe and details from sportswear and classic men's clothing.

Tânia Nicole began her training in fashion at Escola de Moda de Lisboa. She moved to Oporto to attend a degree in fashion design at ESAD Matosinhos and later a master's degree in Product-Fashion.

In March of 2015, she presents for the first time her collection at Sangue Novo, ModaLisboa’s Young Designer Competition, where she won the FashionClash prize. She was invited to present her collection in Maastricht, in the Netherlands.

She worked at a luxury fashion agency where she tracked the development of samples for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach or AMI.

Currently, she presents her collections at Portugal Fashion.