Toos FrankenUnited Fashion

Belgian designer Toos Franken started her career in fashion at the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She has been pushing for a more transparent and inclusive fashion industry for years. Her critical attitude towards the industry translates, among other things, into her choice for exclusively producing in Belgium and Europe. Furthermore, Toos Franken obtains a unique position in the world of fashion by creating and drawing the patterns for each and every design herself. A grand craftsmanship by which Toos Franken makes an exceptional contribution to a woman's wardrobe.

The tactility of the fabrics, quality and fit of the garments are the most important to all Toos Franken garments, providing seasonless pieces that can be worn every day. All clothes are designed in the brand’s studio in Antwerp and manufactured in Belgium's finest production ateliers for women who want to make a subtle statement with their outfit without having to scream it in someone's face. Toos Franken values product, process, but most of all people. It’s a brand that wants to make sure that the items you buy and wear are made fair and square.