SchmidttakahashiUnited Fashion

Eugenie Schmidt was born in 1979, at Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The designer lives and works in Berlin. She graduated in 2009 in Fashion Design, at Berlin Weissensee School of Art. One year after that, she founded her brand, SCHMIDTTAKAHASHI with Mariko Takahashi. Since 2010 the brand has been in several showrooms and fashion shows, such as the 2014 Presentations/Showroom of Women/Men collections during Paris Fashion Week and, on the same year, an exhibition at the Road Show, Shenzhen Design Award Young Talents. In 2012, they also attended the Workshop and Fashion Show for RE-MEX Projekt, Goethe Institut Mexiko, and in 2011 a group show in Kyoto, New York and Toronto.

Since 2010, SCHMIDTTAKAHASHI has been experimenting with production cycles and digital media to develop new processes in the fabrication of garments, and to offer new aesthetics in high fashion based on these principles. The brand’s vision is to produce unique one of a kind pieces from a selection of used garments that are archived in an online database, where clients can retrace each item’s story by scanning a QR-Code. This idea of sustainable design means not only recreating clothes, but also recreating identity.