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Lina Maria

After Lina Maria graduated from the Fashion Academy KASK School of Arts, she knew that designing prints was a passion. That is why she decided to follow a specialization in Textiles at Luca School of Arts. After graduating, she founded the design studio Elle And Oh with her partner, which includes the Lina Maria label, and she is also active as an artist. The boundary between her free and applied work is thin. Sometimes her artwork remains on paper, sometimes she translates it into an installation or a fashion project — or the other way around, a fashion project can end up again as an art piece or a graphic print.

In 2014, an experimental collection of scarves named LM01 emerged as Lina Maria's first collection. Since then she has been searching and developing the label into what it is today, and what it can become in the future. Lina Maria stands for bold prints and color. Providing confidence and comfort. Every piece is unique and made in the studio. She goes through every step of the process herself. In this way, "the loop" remains small. Lina Maria doesn't work with seasonal or annual collections. Fashion doesn't have to be temporary, and she considers the collections art-projects in her oeuvre as an artist, so collections are numbered like editions of artworks.