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Check Point Program

Fast Talks | Street x Fashion
Portfolio Review

Portfolio advice session given by experts within Fashion with different backgrounds: education, communication and industry. Suitable for recent graduates and young designers. Booking is required.

The relations between Arts & Crafts and Fashion

The relations between Arts & Crafts and Fashion are nowadays being rediscovered and sharing an even closer relationship. With this talk, we want to explore which paths and shapes can allow these two sectors to intersect and innovate. Which relationships of complicity do they assume? Which conflicting relationships are there? How can we encourage these relationships in a mutually beneficial way?

Trend Union Presentation

Gert Van de Keuken, creative director of Edelkoort Studio presents the fall/winter 19/20 and spring/summer 2020 fashion trends.

Q&A Portuguese Industry

Q&A session for professionals, students and intervenients of the fashion industry. Aiming to stimulate the creation of new relations and fostering entrepreneurship and the emergence of new fashion projects, this event gives young designers and new brands the opportunity to ask questions about production and sourcing to Fashion Industry stakeholders with recognized experience in the area of manufacturing, textiles and sustainability.

Sneakers Masterclass

Masterclass dedicated to the streetwear and sneakers culture universe. This Masterclass will be divided in two moments, one dedicated to Fila and another that brings the perspective of the three founders of the collective Sneakers Love Portugal.

Music and its importance in Fashion

Music and fashion have an inseparable relationship; they influence and complete each other. There are no fashion events without music - it is the source of inspiration for many fashion creations, which also influence musicians to create. Music and Fashion form identities. We want to talk about this culture of convergence - Music and Fashion.

Business networking: designers, makers and sellers

Informal networking event between several creatives from the different platforms of ModaLisboa over the last editions: fashion designers, emerging brands, shopkeepers, makers and artisans.

ModaLisboa Multiplex

About Check Point

CHECK POINT is a new space for dialogue, designed for creatives, entrepreneurs and all the professional public of Lisbon Fashion Week. Check Point integrate the Fast Talks, installations and round-tables, in parallel with networking moments, which aim national and international dissemination of the latest trends in the fashion business.