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Bolha Live Atelier

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A space for creation and collaboration between the residents in the studio, from the project ‘A Avó Veio Trabalhar’, and the invited artists who will customise a garment.

Following the mission of ModaLisboa, the Bubble Live Atelier, highlights the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among people from multidisciplinary territories with different visual and plastic approaches.

Circular Fashion Masterclass by Flávia Aranha

Session focused on the work of the Brazilian designer Flavia Aranha that will show how she has been developing her brand, working with natural dyes and with several artisans’ cooperatives both in Brazil and Portugal.

Fashion Communication Masterclass by Jéssica Michault

Masterclass focused on best practices / how to use social networks and marketing influencers to create attention. 

Discover Sustainability @ Fashion by BCSD

Speakers: João Meneses and Mafalda Evangelista

The BCSD (Business Council for Sustainable Development) mission is to support companies on their journey to sustainability, as well as to promote public policies and raise society's awareness of sustainable development. This masterclass will explore how sustainability, along with digital transformation, is the 21st century trend that will most impact business.

Tailoring Masterclass by Ayres Gonçalo

Tailoring Masterclass with practical component by the renowned tailor Ayres Gonçalo.

Speakers Corner

In partnership with ECOOLHUNTER by ECO Newspaper with Vanda Jorge

Innovative projects from different fields within the creative industries. National projects that are making a difference in urgent themes for our society, such as technology, sustainability, preservation of know-how and health.

ModaLisboa Insight

About Check Point

CHECK POINT presents an event agenda that celebrates the creativity, innovation and collaborative spirit of the fashion industry. Flávia Aranha’s master classes about her work as a designer; Jessica Michault’s on fashion and social media communication; João Meneses and Mafalda Evangelista’s (Business Council for Sustainable Development) on sustainability and digital transformation; and finally the master class of Ayres Gonçalo on tailoring.

In partnership with Ecoolhunter by Jornal ECO, the Speakers Corner presents innovative projects that are making a difference or can give a new perspective on the future of fashion. 

The Atelier Live Bolha is a space for creation, collaboration and multidisciplinary exchange between the members of the project “A Avó Veio Trabalhar” and some artists invited to customise a piece during the event.