Check Point Program

Fast Talks | Wake Up
Fashion Hackathon: Opening

The pace of change will never be this slow again. With Fernanda Torre, innovation manager, as a facilitator, the group of thinkers, entrepreneurs, activists and consumers introduced themselves to the audience and defined the objectives and key themes of this debate marathon and search for solutions for the future of Fashion. What strategies can we adopt, how can we materialize them and what path do we have to travel towards a positive, correct and ethical future for Portuguese Fashion were the bases of this collaborative thinking.

You Are How You Buy

How can we consume better? What should we demand from brands? What do we have to look for in the product? How do we choose manufacturing processes? How do we distinguish true sustainability from a marketing strategy? What are the practices, projects and perspectives that respond to a more transparent attitude towards the climate crisis? These were the questions we asked in this session.

The Future is Collaborative

Partnership with EcoolHunter by Jornal Eco

In an era in which instability is the only certainty for tomorrow, challenges accumulate and multiply. No brand is an island, no fashion agent possesses the supreme knowledge, and even though exclusivity was the business’ secret before, today we’re sure that there is no future without collaboration. Finding partners for innovation, technology, sustainability is essential to grow in a cohesive and coherent way, and must be at the top of strategic priorities. Collaboration is the only way forward.

Fashion Hackathon: The Conclusions

The group of thinkers debated the solutions for the future and shared them with us, so that we can all apply them in our companies, in our visions, in our lives.

ModaLisboa Awake

About Check Point

More than to react, to act. More than extrapolating, finding solutions. True, solid, achievable. This was the commitment of Check Point. For the first time, ModaLisboa's conversation platform hosted a Fashion Hackathon, which brought together a group of multidisciplinary thinkers from the industry — working in areas such as innovation, programming, design, sustainability, activism or technology — to find solutions for a better future. This group met at the Check Point Room for a brainstorming that was materializes in a presentation on the last day of ModaLisboa AWAKE, in which we got to know the conclusions of this discussion marathon. In addition to the Hackathon, Check Point presented the Fast Talks and its free admission sessions, so that the exchange of views, voices and ideas that make this think tank the most effective networking platform for ModaLisboa never ceases to exist.