ModaLisboa is a multidisciplinary project focused on the promotion and development of Portuguese fashion design. Founded in 1991, in partnership with Lisbon Municipality, it is a platform that brings together fashion shows, conferences, workshops, mentoring and exhibitions, designed for national and international audiences and markets. It has a clear mission of raising awareness in the community for sustainability, inclusion and transparency, and it promotes the growth of fashion in Portugal through partnerships with the industry and continued work in conjunction with sectorial associations. Lisboa Fashion Week is Associação ModaLisboa's main project and, more than a Fashion Week, it works as an aggregator and engine for discovering young talent, which it educates, encourages and communicates through platforms such as Sangue Novo | Young Designers Competition, Workstation and LAB.


Following an invitation made by the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Lisbon, Eduarda Abbondanza and Mário Matos Ribeiro create and produce the first edition of ModaLisboa.
Launch of the Sangue Novo – Young Designers Competition, with the mission to discover and promote new talents in the Fashion area.
With the creation of the ModaLisboa Association starts the second period of ModaLisboa.
Launch of the Modalisboa’s website, a project aiming to the biggest and the most complete information system about Portuguese Fashion.
ModaLisboa celebrates its 10th anniversary and inaugurates The ModaLisboa Design shop, at Praça do Município, in Lisbon.
ModaLisboa (in partnership with ICEP, with the support of Ministery of Economy) creates and organizes the + Portugal project, in Barcelona. An interdisciplinary showcase, of Portuguese Fashion, Design, Arts, Crafts and Music.
Continuing its strategy of internationalization and the goal of integrating an international platform, ModaLisboa adopts the designation of Lisboa Fashion Week, starting to last for 4 days.
ModaLisboa moves to Cascais and adopts the designation ModaLisboa | Estoril.
ModaLisboa returns to Lisbon. Launch of the Workstation project.
After a 10 year stop, ModaLisboa relaunches the Sangue Novo – Young Designers Competition. In the same year, launches the Wonder Room project, pop-up store of fashion, design and lifestyle emerging Portuguese brands.
The Lisbon Fashion Week program becomes more diverse and includes more initiatives open to the public, such as the Fast Talks fashion conferences and several exhibitions.
Launch of the Check Point - industry meeting point. The Workstation becomes a multidisciplinar platform, integrating fashion happenings and photography and illustration exhibitions.
Associação ModaLisboa and RTP2 present the documentary ModaLisboa 50 inspired by the 50 editions and 27 years of ModaLisboa.
ModaLisboa is the host event of the United Fashion project, which brings to Lisbon 15 European Fashion Designers for an exchange of knowledge and creativity and a program that includes happenings, workshops, an international showroom and networking.
ModaLisboa AWAKE's film is distinguished with 5 Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade (Lusophone Creativity Awards): Gold in the Web Film and Edition categories; Silver in Photography Direction and Post-production and special effects; Bronze in Best TV Movie.
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Lisboa Fashion Week

ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week is ModaLisboa’s main project in partnership with the Municipality of Lisbon, and is the fashion event with greater recognition in Portugal. It occurs twice a year, just after Paris Fashion Week in the calendar of International Fashion Weeks. It showcases the collections of Portuguese Fashion Designers, with the mission to disseminate the best national fashion to the world.

Designed for professional audiences, including press, buyers, textile industry, also receives guests of the designers, as well as representatives of the artistic, cultural, business and institutional areas. ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week is a meeting point, gathering multiple audiences, opinion leaders and trend setters.

25 500
1 000 000
TV and online public

ModaLisboa Sustainable

With the purpose of showing the best practices and the environmental and ethical urgencies in the fashion industry, Associação ModaLisboa has been instituting values and principles of sustainable development in all stages and planning parameters of Lisboa Fashion Week and also seeks to sensitize partners, suppliers, staff and all stakeholders that make the event happen for the adoption of good practices, in order to continue to evolve sustainably. Since 2017, ModaLisboa has been promoting several events to a fairer, safer and more transparent fashion industry.
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ModaLisboa Sustainable

Sangue Novo

Sangue Novo is the Young Designers Competition of Lisboa Fashion Week. By developing a close work with all the fashion teaching institutes in the country to boost the work of young designers, it translates as the voice of the new generation, serving as a stage for currents of thought free from commitment. The competition takes place in two phases. Applications run between May and June of each year. After the selection of candidates — in July — 10 young Designers present their collections in October. Here, 5 finalists are selected, who compete for the awards in March of the following year. During the entire process, the creatives are monitored and mentored by the panel of judges, in order to prepare them for integration in the Portuguese fashion industry.
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Sangue Novo


Workstation was originally created to challenge photographers to capture and show their visual perspective of everything happening during Lisboa Fashion Week. However, the artistic success of the platform has made in evolve and come to present a wider, more eclectic and illustrative vision of the artistic mosaic that is lived during the events of ModaLisboa. Workstation has become a multidisciplinary platform, which includes fashion happenings and photography and illustration exhibitions.
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Fast Talks

Fast Talks brings together, in all editions, experts to reflect first-hand their experiences and visions of the future, addressing key themes in the fashion industry such as sustainability, technology and innovation, the new paradigms in brand creation and distribution. Between informal conversations and workshops, this interdisciplinary discussion approaches multiple confronting historical and cultural concepts, definitions, and projections. Over several editions, Fast Talks have brought together industry leading players such as Trend Union, Farfetch, Polimoda, Vivienne Westwood, GFX, Vogue, and guests including Danilo Venturi, Brigitte Stepputtis, Paul Gorman, Priscila Alexandre, Miguel Bento, Misha Pinkhasov, Diana Verde Nieto, Jeanne de Kroon, Lisa Lang, amongst others.
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Fast Talks

Wonder Room

Created in 2013, Wonder Room is a pop-up of Portuguese fashion and lifestyle brands, which reinvents itself with the evolution and needs of the market. With a unique product offering, it showcases a wide range of emerging authors and brands that focus on design, innovation, sustainability and know-how. Focused on single-product brands and new products, this platform is dedicated to entrepreneurship and national creation.
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Wonder Room

United Fashion

In 2017, a group of seven European Fashion organizations came together to create a project that defended, promoted and developed independent Fashion in Europe. In an unprecedented action and co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union, UNITED FASHION was born. MAD - Home of Creators (BE), Baltic Fashion Federation (LV), Fashion Council Germany (DE), Fashion Weekend Skopje (MK), Flanders DC (BE), Maisons de Mode Lille-Roubaix (FR), and Associação ModaLisboa (PT) pledged to boost the industry, establish connections, build bridges and eliminate borders.
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United Fashion